BLINDSIDED by Roxy Wilson #newrelease




Has he noticed that I’m pregnant?
She knew she wasn’t showing yet; but she couldn’t be too sure. Suddenly, she wanted to share the news with him. They both seemed so content, so replete, it was only natural that she tell him they were having a baby. “I am going to have a baby,” she whispered, eyes on his. “Your baby.” She didn’t want to miss his reaction.
She didn’t.
At first, he only stared at her in confusion, as if she’d just spoken another language. Gradually, the smile on his face faded as the impact of her words sunk in. “Are you saying you are pregnant?” he asked clearly.
Eden nodded slowly. His reaction wasn’t what she was expecting and she felt cold all of a sudden.
His gaze flew to her stomach, taking in her palms curved protectively across it. When he raised his eyes back to hers, they were as cold as the northern pole. “And you are saying the baby is mine?” his voice had gone cold, too.
His words felt like a physical blow across her face and she winced. Suddenly, his body wasn’t so warm anymore. She shivered in his arms. “Who else?” she whispered raggedly. “I haven’t had sex with anyone else in a very long time.”
She could feel him withdraw from her—first his heart…and then his body.
Declan shook his head as if to clear the web in it, opening and closing his mouth like a hooked fish in the ocean. He released her arms that were not too long ago wrapped protectively around her.
This was when she knew he wasn’t going to accept responsibility. Only moments ago, he’d been holding her so tight that she couldn’t move. Eden stood. Shivering, she wrapped his jacket around her body as she gathered her clothes from the floor.
He continued to stare at her, like she was some kind of unknown entity he couldn’t identify. He continued to sit, naked. His stunned gaze following her every move as she slipped the gown over her head.
“Say something,” she whispered when she finished dressing.
“It is not mine,” he said at last.

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