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Hello All!

I’m pleased to announce that all of Roxy Wilson’s Christmas romance will be on sale for the month of October.  That’s right!  ALL her holiday/Christmas romance will be sold for 99CENTS.  Buy your copies NOW since on November 1st, they will be back to their regular price of 2.99. 

Check them out below:


Cole Davenport doesn’t expect to be jilted by his fiancée, but that’s exactly what happens on his wedding day, the day that is also Christmas Day. He should be grateful when the attractive CEO of Grand Events comes to console him, but instead he does the unthinkable—he kisses her.

Alexandria “Lexi” Riley has kissed a few frogs in her life, hoping that one day she’ll finally find her prince. But, what she doesn’t bargain for is a prince who used to be her client—a client whose wedding she was paid to organize and whose pride she had to protect when his bride-to-be left him.

Buy it NOW on Amazon.




Caterer Brielle Riley-Foster can’t believe her luck when she runs into her ex-husband, Toby, at a pre-Christmas party. Four years after he suddenly filed for divorce, her heart still pines for him and the pain of losing him still sears.

For Toby, the sight of his ex-wife brings back the sting he felt when she cheated on him. Unwilling to let her back into his life, Toby does his best to avoid contact, but Brielle has cooked up a scheme that is sure to make her indiscretion pale in comparison.

Buy it NOW on Amazon.





RW-tCCupid-200x300Janay Riley can always spot a match made in relationship heaven, but when it comes to her own love life, she hasn’t quite found her perfect match. Although her love life isn’t thriving, her business is growing and, for now, that’s enough for her.

When longtime friend and admirer, Randy ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald finally wants to make his feelings for her known, the consummate matchmaker springs into action. Thinking that he’s asking for assistance, Janay sets out to find him the perfect match.

Buy it NOW on Amazon.





#231a_RW-2000x3000Still reeling from the tragic loss of her husband, Kerrie Bramble struggles to move forward. With a young son to support along with the ever-present memories and regrets still plaguing her, this fateful anniversary—Christmas Eve—proves to be just as difficult as those before it.

Having so many emotions already stirring, Kerrie’s resolve is once again tested, when she’s denied a loan for the new bakery business that she’s counted on to support her and her willful son, Jayden. A surprise visit from long-time friend and her deceased husband’s best friend, Dwight Thornton, complicates matters further.

Buy it NOW on Amazon.




RW-MW&MK-Amazon-NEwDetective Nicholas Duncan had it all. A beautiful marriage. A successful career. Then one day—his wife, Lee—leaves him. Nicholas suspects she’s having an affair and he can’t imagine why she would be so cavalier about what they had together for all those years.

Believing she’d thrown their marriage away for the sake of a fling with another guy, Nicholas desperately pursues her. Months pass while he tries to contact her. If he can’t restore what they once had, he thought perhaps he could at least discover why she left him. If she would just tell him what she apparently didn’t want to say months back, he would at least be able to accept it.

Buy it NOW on Amazon.




book-1-roxy-wilson-holly-jolly-christmasA drunken bet between friends seems innocent enough until up and coming interior designer Holly Middleton finds herself in the middle of a snowstorm while vacationing at a cabin in the woods. Her plans for a much-deserved break are foiled when a man knocks on her door in the middle of the night and collapses.

Buy it NOW on Amazon.







book-2-roxy-wilsonWhen Magdalena ‘Maggie’ Reyes meets her new patient, famous R&B singer, Wesley Benton, his bold demands are more than the long-time nurse is willing to tolerate.

Buy it NOW on Amazon









After losing a bet among friends, Wynter Ayers is convinced she’ll never find love, but things take a turn for her after meeting the handsome and suave Korbin Pederson. The only problem is, that’s not the only thing in her life that’s going to change.

Buy it NOW on Amazon.

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