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Through Fights and Fire, Prejudice and Passion, Burns A Special Kind of Love

A divorced school teacher, estranged from her family, wants to start over. Sharon Daily moves to Gaines, Wyoming with her ten year old autistic son, Aaron. She hoped to find kindness and acceptance in this small town. She wasn’t looking for love…

Tanner West, the Fire Chief of Gaines, seems to have it all. Great job, loving family, and any woman he wants to warm his bed at night. But, Tanner has suffered too. A Native American in a white world, he longs to find love and acceptance. He is ready for more than someone to share his bed. He wants someone to share his life. And Sharon really lights his fire.

Making a life with Sharon will require A Special Kind of Love.

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Review of a Special Kind of Love by Tamara Hoffa

Since the beginning of time, people have been prejudged and treated unfairly because of their race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, ability (or disability), economic and social background, nationality and so on. Anyone can be misunderstood, maligned or even murdered because of these perceived differences. In short, prejudice, as well as discrimination, is one of the scourges of our society.

Ms. Tamara Hoffa deals with issues of prejudice in her novella, A Special Kind of Love. In this story, Sharon Daily moves to Wyoming to begin her new life. Her son, Aaron, has Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition which is oftentimes misunderstood. Not only does he need support from his mother,but also sensitivity and an unconditional love. Sharon fits the bill. He also requires a special kind of man, a father figure, who is willing to understand and be patient with him. Tanner West is that kind of man. Unfortunately, not even Aaron’s own biological father loves him as a father should. It’s a good thing Tanner fulfills the role of surrogate father effortlessly. Ms. Hoffa also touches on the issues of race and race relations as Tanner is a Native American living in a white man’s world.

Although, A Special Kind of Love is a relatively quick read, it doesn’t feel rushed or underdeveloped at all. Ms. Hoffa weaves a story which shows how the relationship between Sharon and Tanner develops, from a mutual attraction to a burning passion for each other. The vivid descriptions give me some insight into Ms. Hoffa’s own character, as her love for nature, horses and her understanding of children with Asperger’s Syndrome permeated every page of her story.

I highly recommend this five-star book, and look forward to reading more of Ms. Hoffa’s work.

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