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I’m happy to have my guest, Author Laurel Cremant with me. She’s a relatively new writer, but has written stories which resonate with her readers. In fact, in my guest post entitled Roxy’s Top Ten Heroes for 2013 on Sarah Cass’s blog, Laurel’s hero, Jaxon Grey was the best schemer of all the heroes I’d read about this year. So, it should come as no surprise that Laurel will talk about her latest release, Persuasion Skills. She’ll also tell us more about herself, including three of her beauty secrets, which I fully endorse. 😉 What’s more, Laurel will tell us what’s her greatest learning experience as a writer.

And that’s not all. One lucky commenter will receive an Amazon Gift Card. The onus is on you, therefore, to show Laurel some love and keep those comments coming in. You might just be the Lucky Winner!

So, let’s get the ball rolling.

Laurel, I’m delighted to have you here. Can you tell us how you decided to become an author?

Every time I’m asked this question, I feel a bit cliché because my answer is always. I’ve wanted to write since the moment I learned to read and enjoy a good story. It took me years writing in secret and some gentle nudging from family for me to finally decide to take my secret hobby public, but I don’t regret a single moment of the journey.

Do you have any beauty secrets you wish to share with your fans?

Great sex, deep sleep and coconut oil. Trust me it’s the best beauty routine. Indulge in all three, or in varying combinations and you’ll always have a smooth glowing complexion.

Finish this sentence: I want to be remembered as…A great story teller. As a writer, you put a lot of yourself on the line and exposed to the public, when you decide to publish. So being remembered as a great story teller would be the ultimate accomplishment and compliment in my opinion.

Which authors inspire you the most?

The ones who take risks. I have so many favorite authors, so it would be impossible to pick or name just a few. However, all of my favorites tend to have risk taking in common. The authors who aren’t afraid to explore outside of their genre or sub-genre. Those who create characters outside of the norm or situations not always depicted in mainstream fiction.

What message(s) you wish to convey in your books?

Well speaking of risk taking…one of the reasons I love the romance genre is because every story involves taking one of life’s greatest risks—falling in love. So my fondest wish as a writer is to convey, how love and romance is worth that risk.

What is your greatest learning experience as a writer?

Edit is not a dirty word and EVERYONE needs a good one. When I first started out, I thought editing and editors would just dilute my story and I was absolutely wrong. Every story needs a good few rounds of edits, and editors don’t want to dilute or ruin your story, their goal is to make it the best it can be. As a writer, novice or pro, your number one goal is strive to produce the best story for your readers, so editing has become my best friend.

Tell us about your latest release?

Ah! I know this is cheesy to say, but I’m so excited about this book! I had so much fun bringing the characters of Pepper and Jax to life. Even at inception they were both so snarky and sweet I knew it would be a blast writing their story. Pepper and Jax are both best friends and business partners. However, one night they both let their defenses down and share a night of passion together. Afterwards, Pepper wants nothing more than to get their friendship back to the status quo, but Jax has other plans. He concocts a plan to lure Pepper to a secluded cabin and convince her that their friendship was meant to be so much more. I love writing smart, bold characters, and I have to admit that Jax is an interesting blend of schemer and romancer. I really hope readers enjoy his interesting brand of persuasion.

So you’ve finished this story. What can readers expect from you next? When?

I’m currently polishing up my next two stories. One is titled Acquisition Skills the next in my Boardroom Acts series. It’s contemporary romance and involves a software game developer as my heroine and an uptight financier as my hero. The other book is titled Cupcakes at Midnight and is the first in a paranormal romance series due out at the end of the year. I’m really excited about both because they’ve both caused me to stretch my writing skills and grow in different ways. Cupcakes will actually be my first full length novel so I’m really looking forward to its release.


In the aftermath of a major health scare, Pepper Holts makes the relief-inspired decision to seize the day. Unfortunately, most of her “seizing” involves a bit of merlot and her best friend’s pants! After a shared night of passion she realizes that her feelings for Jax are a lot more complicated than she ever thought.

Jax has finally realized that his allergy to marriage has nothing to do with the institution itself, and everything to do with the women in his bed—or more specifically, the one woman not in his bed. Her reaction to their one night together has him scrambling to regroup. So he does what he knows best—he disappears, and he thinks. The plan?—convince Pepper into staying with him at a secluded cabin for one week. One week of pretending to be a happily married couple to show her how great they could be together.


If looks could kill. He chuckled softly.
He swung the axe one last time and planted the blade firmly in the chopping block before walking leisurely to the top of the drive and waiting.
It wasn’t hard to keep the smile on his face as his gaze caught hers and held. He could practically feel the waves of rage rolling off of her as she pulled the car to an abrupt stop only inches from where he stood.
He merely winked at her and gave a cheerful wave. God, he loved hunting rabbits.
She stared at him for a searing moment before climbing out of the tall vehicle and dragging out a medium-sized piece of luggage. She snapped up its telescoping handle and marched the few steps it took to stand in front of him.
He let his gaze wander over her frame, taking in the rapid rise and fall of her chest, the tight grip she had on the luggage handle, and the clenching and unclenching of her free hand. Yet the only thing that caused his smile to dim was the hurt mingled with the outrage on her lovely face.
He let his gaze drift back to her clenching fist for a moment before looking at her face again. Staring into her eyes, he let loose a loud sigh as he widened his stance and shoved his hands into his coat pockets.This is going to hurt.
“Go ahead. Do it. You know you want to.”
He let the taunt hang in the air, waiting for her to speak, react, do anything.
She stared at him for a few seconds before her eyes swelled with unshed tears.
The sight caused a small ache in his chest. Nothing ever hurt as much as seeing Pepper cry.
The thought barely registered in his mind before she pulled back her clenched fist and slammed it squarely on his jaw.
His head jerked to the side with a snap.
He let loose a few more choice expletives. Trust Pepper to have a killer right hook.
The stars in his eyes cleared just in time for him to watch her turn and stomp toward the porch steps and up to the front door of the cabin.
“Feel better now?” he called out to her retreating back.
Her answering response was a decisively unladylike hand gesture over her shoulder before she entered the cabin and slammed the door behind her.
He rubbed his jaw for a few seconds before turning and walking to the car door. Peering inside, he glimpsed the keys still dangling from the ignition.
Reaching inside, he pocketed the keys before popping the hood of the SUV open.
“Well, let the games begin,” he muttered to himself as he walked to the front of the car and reached under the hood.
He barely winced in pain as a smile spread across his face while he reached into the belly of the car and yanked out a bundle of wires.


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Negotiating Skills (August 2012)

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Laurel is a romance author, who like most writers loves to read. Her first love (pun intended) has always been romance. From the sappy YA romance novel to the more risqué erotica novels, Laurel is a sucker for a good love story.

Laurel writes paranormal and contemporary romance and is a self proclaimed, out of the closet nerd. She admits that she can’t seem to avoid adding a bit of “nerdology” or “geek-dom” to all of her books. Living in Miami, she also admits that she can’t seem to avoid giving her heroines gorgeous shoes, “In Miami, we worship everything strappy, open toed and just plain hot!”

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12 thoughts on “Author Interview, Book Spotlight & Giveaway – Laurel Cremant – Persuasion Skills – #BYNR – #bookspotlight – @ReadingRomance

  1. Hi Roxy,
    Thanks so much for the interview and hosting my giveaway. Loved the interview questions 🙂

  2. Great interview nice to meet you Roxy,.. the Excerpt sounds good going over to amazon.. I love romance too so this is right up my alley.. good luck and much success

  3. Heather Wohltman

    Can’t wait to read this one! Going to have to find a way to fund my addiction to books though!

  4. Kelly Walker

    I love Laurel’s books so much. I don’t think she can write fast enough to make me happy. ; P I want more!

  5. Heather Wohltman

    Can’t wait to read this one! Going to have to find a way to fund my addiction to books though! Paranormal is my weakness, but your writing is good enough I want to read everything!

  6. Sorry meant to say Roxy and Laurel

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