Author & Book Spotlight – Isobelle Cate – Love In Her Dreams

Please, join me in welcoming fellow SCP author, Isobelle Cate, to my blog. Isobelle will tell us about a few of her favorite things as well as some of the challenges she has encountered as a writer. She’ll also share some juicy details about her debut novella, Love In Her Dreams, which was released a few weeks ago.

So, let’s get started.

Isobelle, I’m delighted to have you here. Can you tell us how you decided to become an author?

I’ve always loved to write since I was a teenager (eons ago!), but it always got placed in the back burner. Decades later, I’ve been given the opportunity to finally fulfill a lifelong dream.

In ten words or less, tell us how you would describe yourself.

Petite, wacky sense of humor, friendly, helpful

How are you able to balance your family life with your writing?

Oh gosh! This is a tough one because I work full time as well. I’m very blessed to have a wonderful family who supports me and my writing. That said, quality time is spent having meals together or going to the movies.

What challenges have you encountered/overcome as a writer so far?

Rejections. Boy have I had a lot! Erotic romance isn’t the only genre I’ve written in. It’s hard to do, but I made a conscious effort to take all rejections I receive in stride. Getting a rejection letter, I think, is part of the learning curve. After the initial disappointment, I tend to go back to the manuscript and see how it can be improved before I send it off again. I also keep telling myself that many authors have to go through this baptism of fire. Rejection toughens you and if you’re really dedicated to your craft then you will overcome whatever is thrown at you.

Do you have any rituals when writing?

Ahh…I set up my laptop in my writing cave, open the curtain to let the sun stream through, put on music – really depends on what I’m writing, and the most important of all coffee, coffee, coffee and loads of coffee. 😉

Here’s an opportunity to tell us in a few words your favorite:

Author: Roxy, I have to list more of the authors is that’s okay? Cheeky, I know! But….pretty please? *batting eyelashes with woebegone eyes* (I’m laying it thick, aren’t I? )I love the work of lots of authors: Tina Folsom, Donna Grant, Holly J Gill, Sable Hunter, Gray Dixon, and Natasza Waters
Band/singer: Lady Antebellum
Movie/TV Show: Sherlock and Downton Abbey
Color: Amber and Blue
Season: Autumn
City: Manchester
Celebration/festival: Hogmany (Scottish New Year)
Drink: Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Food: Anchovies pizza with garlic butter (I know, I’m weird in this aspect!
Quote: Love mercy, act justly, and walk humbly with your God
Sport: Swimming

Would you like to share some juicy details about your latest release?

Love in Her Dreams is a different kind of love story. Why don’t I let the book speak for itself with this excerpt?

“We’re not in your room,” she said with a puzzled frown.
He chuckled as he looked around. A sexy low rumble in his chest.
“No, we’re not. We’re in yours,” he said, settling between her legs.Tamsyn gasped as his hot rod nudged the top of her thigh then her belly, causing her channel to start weeping. “Am I not heavy?”
“No, you’re not,” she said, pupils dilated with her hunger. “I like it when you’re on top of me. It makes me feel—”
“Makes youfeel what?”
Tamsyn moaned and sighed as he nuzzled her neck, his stubble grazing her sensitive skin, exciting her more.
“Like I’m yours.”
He stopped then lifted his head.
Tamsyn would never tire of looking at him. His eyes made her melt every time he looked at her crinkled with laugh lines in a chiseled face. His eyes were the deepest blue she had ever seen, so blue they almost looked black. A firm and sensual mouth that wreaked havoc on her body lifted in a lopsided grin. Taut skin skimmed the elegant ridge of his cheekbones.
“You are mine.” His deep, sexy voice vibrated through her. Tamsyn’s breath hitched when more moisture pooled between her thighs and her pleasure nub throbbed in anticipation. She liked the way he said she was his.
He bent down again to lick and nip her bottom lip before running his tongue over and inside her mouth making her shiver with delight. Her right leg automatically lifted to caress his left hip. God! She ached for him to be inside her so much that her hips slowly lifted against his, telling him what she wanted. His rod was hard marble encased in skin so soft. Her hands splayed across the expanse of his chest, moving over his ribcage to run her palms up and down his muscled back. Her palms’ nerve endings delighted at the feel of the taut skin that seemed to heat up wherever she touched.
Tamsyn heard him hiss when one of her hands slowly followed the shape of his torso and down towards his strong butt. They locked eyes as she kneaded one taut cheek.
“What you do to me,” he ground out as he licked her earlobe, the sensitive spot at the back of her ear and tracing her ear with his tongue. Tamsyn sighed, eyes closed as she savored every erotic tingle that zinged up and down her body before adding to the pool between her legs. His hips bucked against hers slowly, sensually, making her know that his thick rod was as eager and impatiently looking forward to claiming her.
Tamsyn smiled as her hand and fingers made butterfly-like touches up toward his back.
“What do I do to you?” Tamsyn teased. She made small nips on his neck and pecs. Her tongue came out as she made a hot beeline to his nipple.
Instead of answering he swooped down to catch her mouth in a ravaging kiss. Their tongues mated, searing each other with their hunger, their teeth nibbled without restraint as though they hadn’t touched each other for a very long time when it had only been the night before he had made love to her in her dreams.
He forged a trail of hot kisses and licks to her shoulder. He nipped the strap of her tank top with his teeth while he removed the other strap with his hand. Soon her breasts were exposed to his dark gaze. Her eyes were half-lidded with anticipation.
He didn’t disappoint.
She took a sharp intake of breath, her head dipping back into the pillow when he cupped both breasts, kneading them and twirled his thumbs around the peaks but not the nubs. Tamsyn held his shoulders in her grip before she raised her head and took his mouth in another searing kiss. But he wrenched his mouth from hers and licked one nipple before suckling and swirling his tongue over and around it. Tamsyn moaned, her entire body burning with desire. He then took the other nipple and gave it the same loving attention.
He rolled the tank top down her body and unhooked her undies when he got to them. Cold air slammed into her heated flesh when his hands left to throw her clothes aside, but erotic warmth soon permeated her skin when he returned to cover her body with his own.
Tamsyn’s breath hitched so many times at the erogenous pleasure he gave her that she just had to do the same to him. When he rose above her after indulging her breasts, her hands lowered towards his shaft. He groaned as Tamsyn closed her eyes when her hands touched his hot, hard cock. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever held in all her life. She pushed him down on the bed and straddled him, eliciting a smile from him. He held her hips as he inserted a thigh in between her legs and raised it to meet her wet channel. Tamsyn moaned as a wave of pleasure gripped her.
“Rub against me,” he commanded her as he gripped her hips, making her gyrate against his muscled thigh. Tamsyn threw her head back as she gave in to the sensations his thigh was doing to her clit while she continued to move her hands up and down his thick shaft. But she wanted him in her mouth. She straightened to look at him before she slid down his leg to plant kisses and licks on his abdomen that twitched everywhere her mouth went. Then she was face to face with his cock. He hissed when she licked the underside then groaned when she took him into her mouth.

And here’s the blurb:

Alec and Tamsyn know they are meant to be together though they have never met. And yet their passion for each other consumes them when they dream.

Alec knows that Tamsyn is the woman for him, but finding her at the moment is an impossibility. Or is it?

After resigning from her job, Tamsyn takes a break in Scotland when she feels the presence of the man who haunts her dreams. He is tangibly near and in Edinburgh. The sex they have in her sleeping moments becomes more real. But how can she find him in the streets of Edinburgh when the only thing she remembers is his touch, his scent, his passion?

So you’ve finished this story. What can readers expect from you next? When?

I have another Contemporary Romance which I’m self-editing at the moment before I send it off to a publisher. I’ve also finished writing the manuscripts for two Paranormal Romance novels which a part of a series of about five to seven books. The manuscript of the first book is with the publisher and we’re hoping to get it out by September. Pretty excited about it!

Oh and I have a really short, short story for a magazine which is coming out in December. I’ll keep you posted.

Isobelle, I thoroughly enjoyed having you as my guest.

Thank you so much for having me guest in your blog, Roxy! It’s been a pleasure.

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