#BookSpotlight – Secret Delights – Yvette Hines


Gabrielle Reston has had more than her share of sorrow in her life—from her parent’s passing to the unexpected loss of her husband. The only reason she has for smiling is her little boy. A move to a new city has brought a change of scenery, new job and a great apartment to raise her son; she doesn’t need anything else. A man in her life would just bring heartache and possibly more grief for her child. Then she meets Sloane Cale, the new kindergarten teacher and everything changes.

Sloane has his hands full at school when a fellow teacher becomes ill and her class is divided and he ends up with more students. When he notices one child is having a hard time making friends, he decides a parent-teacher conference is in order. The moment Gabrielle sways her full hips into his classroom he knows he’s in trouble. The conservative parochial school where he works has several strict rules—no illicit fraternizing with student’s parents is a big one.

However, when the attraction between them is explosive and all-consuming can it be worth the risk for them both?


Sexy as hell. But, he looked as if he should be coaching on a football field instead of cramped behind a too small table teaching kindergarten children.

Short, thick black waves ran over his scalp and complemented the wide angles of his face as he leaned his head back, holding up a pencil like a microphone and belting out the lead in to the last line.
“…I know, I know, I kno—”

I must have made a sound because he broke off his lyrics and turned toward me. The full impact of his sea green gaze caused my breath to stop, my core to tighten and my knees to tremble and threaten to buckle.

“Sorry, it’s my after school release.” Setting the pencil down, he rose and clicked a button on his computer, plunging the room into silence. Standing to his full height, he moved toward the door.
Taking a quick breath, I worked to pull myself together. This man was my son’s teacher not a stud on the street to ogle. But, good Lord, he had to be six-two and built like a safety, lean but wide in the shoulders.

I stepped forward and forced a smile on my quivering lips.

“I’m Mr. Cale. You must be Mrs. Strayer.” He held his hand out as he approached me, but I didn’t miss the once over her gave my body. When his gaze met mine again, there was glow of appreciation that lit his gorgeous green eyes even more.

Slipping my hand into his made me feel even smaller as his long, strong fingers enveloped mine. The warmth from the contact spread up my arm and felt like a caress through my body, making me stifle a sigh. I was five-seven, not short for a woman, but not tall either. Raised around my brother, I was used to feeling dwarfed, but standing before this man, I felt oddly protected. “Actually, it’s Ms. Reston-Strayer.”

He continued to hold my hand and stare at me as if assessing my features.

I had to draw my gaze from his face before I did something foolish. Looking down at our hands, still clasped, I gave mine a slight tug.

“Oh, forgive me.” He released me quickly. “Come in, please.” Waving me to one of the small chairs on the other side of the half-moon table, he followed behind me.

Once I was seated, he claimed his seat. Still looking awkward, he had to sit with his knees bent and his thighs spread wide to work in the tight space.

I quickly told myself not to look down the V of his legs. The last thing I wanted was my son’s teacher to think I was a sex-depraved horn-dog, which was exactly how I felt with my body going haywire around him. To keep the temptation away, I gazed around the room. Unlike the barren, cold hallway, Mr. Cale’s classroom was lively and wallpapered with posters, drawings, paintings and sloppy pre-school script. I liked the man already. On a professional level, I reminded myself.

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