#Author & Book Spotlight – Pauline Saull – A Tropical Affair

I’m excited to have Author Pauline Saull visiting me on my blog. I first ‘met’ her in February when we were ‘virtual’ classmates while pursuing Writing Craft 101. We learned quite a bit, and I’m so pleased to announce that Pauline has had some releases since completing the course.

Today, she’ll tell us about the things she does for fun and what her family and friends think about the stories she writes. Of course, she’ll also tell us about one of her latest releases, A Tropical Affair.

So let’s get started.

Pauline, I’m delighted to have you here. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, Roxy. I’m retired, living on the beautiful warm Gold Coast in Australia, and consider myself very lucky to do so.

What’s your passion?

Writing… If I don’t do it every day I get withdrawal symptoms. I also love reading and walking.

What do you do to just kick back and have some fun?

Love discovering new places, lovely unspoilt beaches, picnics…simple stuff.

How did you become a writer?

I started when the children were young writing short stories for them. Later I decided to take it further and began submitting to magazines. I had enough rejection letters to paper the laundry ceiling, but that only spurred me on.

Which genres do you write?

Light romance, and for the first time, earlier this year, I wrote an erotic romance.

What do your significant others think about the stories you write?

I am encouraged all the way.

Tell us about your latest releases.

The very latest story sold was last week. Called The Purple Waistcoat, it will appear in print in an annual in the UK. One month ago I also sold a 50,000-word novella to an English publisher. That comes out in September and will be distributed to newsagents and supermarkets around the country. The story for Liquid Silver Books, A Tropical Affair, was released in February.

Is there anyone you give credit to for helping you write this book/story?

Not a person really. I suppose it was my interest in South America…though I’ve never visited…which prompted me to set the story in Venezuela, and I loved writing it.

What has the experience of writing this story taught you?

That I desperately needed help with grammar! I imagine the stories submitted in the UK must be edited because they read okay, but A Tropical Affair, had many mistakes. Hopefully I’ve learned to be a little more ‘removed’ from my stories…instead of writing what I deem to be acceptable phrases or words, I now read the MS with a stranger’s eye. When I critique myself, I take out quite a lot of stuff!

Please share some details about your book/story.

It’s set in Venezuela in 1860. I’ve already mentioned a love of the continent, and I remembered a lot about it from geography lessons at school, so thoroughly enjoyed researching things I didn’t know.

What can readers expect from you next? When?
At the moment I’m working on a story set at the beginning of the war. Two Germans, Ruby, a talented musician, and Erich an architectural student, are for different reasons, sent to England. They meet at Hamburg station and on the journey form a strong attachment. The story follows their separation and the Long Journey (title) both make to be re-united, the people they meet along the way, and their eventual return to Germany.

Blurb for A Tropical Affair:

When a British heiress discovers her fiancée is not the man he pretended to be she’ll discover her sheltered upbringing has left her woefully unprepared to face a new life in Venezuela. The line between what is right and what you desire blurs in this exciting historical novel by Pauline Saull.

When charming Carlton Blake convinces Elizabeth Hall to marry him, she is carried away with the idea of a life in 1880s Venezuela. But, when she travels to her new home for the wedding, she discovers her fiancée is only interested in her inheritance and his exotic mistress, Rosita, a beautiful Carib girl. Desperate, Elizabeth accepts shelter from British expatriate and rancher, Theo Furey. Will the embers her protector ignites within her become a flame Elizabeth cannot deny?


With a groan, winding her arms around his neck, Elizabeth gave vent to all the pent-up feelings for him she’d struggled to keep hidden. Pushing her hands through his hair, she strained her hips eagerly against the huge erection pressing on her stomach, urging him on. Theo’s tongue searched her mouth hungrily, greedily, hers flicking against it, as they devoured one another.
“I want you,” he broke away to say huskily. His eyes bored into hers. Her answer was to pull his head back to her and run her tongue along his open mouth.
“Elizabeth,” he moaned. Pulling the blouse from her trousers, his hand moved under it, finding her large, soft breast. Elizabeth sagged against him, her breathing ragged. Lowering her gently into the straw, Theo opened her blouse buttons, gazing at her lovingly. “Beautiful,” he whispered.
Taking a taut pink nipple between finger and thumb, he rolled it, tugged, bringing it to a hard peak.
He looked into her eyes. “Do you like me doing that?”
Elizabeth nodded. “I never…”
He nodded. “I know. And how about this?” he asked softly. Lowering his head, taking it in his mouth, he sucked, playing it with his tongue, while his hand moved down to her trousers. Elizabeth felt her body starting to react. She moved her hips, not wanting the feeling building within her to stop. Kicking off her shoes, she watched him untie the trouser strings, raising her bottom helping him to pull them down and felt the wonder of his cool fingers on her hot moistness. It made her gasp. Carefully, Theo massaged the swelling flesh. She grabbed his hand, wanting it harder, and his fingers slipped inside her. She cried out. The sensation, one she had no control over, began to overcome her. Her hips bucked on his fingers as the explosion of feeling worked itself slowly, slowly to a crescendo, causing wave after wave of pleasure to flood her body. Theo gently held a hand to her mouth to muffle her cries. As it slowly receded, she held his head in her hands, awed with what he’d made her body do.
“You’re wonderful!” she said.
Theo pushed her legs apart and undid his belt. Taking out his throbbing penis, he rubbed it along the still-tender flesh, careful not to penetrate, and in seconds he felt the spasms start shooting through her body as Elizabeth’s second climax approached. This time, by withholding, rubbing again, stopping momentarily, using his fingers to gently squeeze the nub of flesh, he prolonged her climax. As she cried out his name, Theo released himself too, falling onto his side in the straw. Holding her, he, groaned softly. “My love,” she imagined she’d heard.
Shouting suddenly reached them. “Damn, damn!” Hurriedly standing, tying his belt, Theo helped her to her feet, holding her steady while she dressed. He kissed her tenderly. “I think I’m needed. The shearers must have arrived. Remember, what just happened is only the start, Elizabeth.”

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