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I’m so delighted you stopped by. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Secret Cravings Publishing Blog Hop.

Today, I’ll share one excerpt from my debut novella, He’s So Into You. In this story, Jordan and Raina, two strangers, have endured some difficult circumstances. For that reason, their best friends set them up on a blind date.

***One lucky commenter has a chance to win a PDF copy of He’s So Into You. All you have to do is to tell us what you would do to help your best friend (or anybody you care about) get over a particularly difficult situation.***

Here’s the blurb:

Being badly injured in a plane crash and feeling responsible for losing his fianceé keep Jordan Cooper from getting involved with another woman, but his best friend Caleb talks him into going on a blind date. He’s surprised that in a short time his feelings for Raina Abbott runs deep. Jordan wants more than just one night with her, but he has to convince her first.

Leaving an abusive ex and ending an unhealthy relationship with food still aren’t enough to help Raina Abbott overcome her feelings of insecurity, but her best friend Jayce convinces her that going on a blind date is the first step to boosting her self-confidence and feeling good about herself again. Jordan Cooper shows her that she’s beautiful, both inside and out, but can a date and one night of passion assure her that he’s really into her?


“May I ask you a question, Raina?


“I just wondered why you’re here with me.”

“Because you invited me to your room, remember?”

It was obvious she evaded his question. It was the first time Jordan noticed Raina wasn’t altogether comfortable. So why in the world is she here?

“You know what I mean. Why are you on this date?

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“You’re beautiful, charming and intelligent. I would think you’d have men lining up just to be with you.”

Raina laughed without humor. “The trouble is, the guys I know either don’t want to be romantically involved with a full figured woman or just pretend they do.”

“You’re telling me you’ve never been seriously involved with anyone? Never been in love?”

“What’s love anyway?” she asked mockingly, and then shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe it’s just the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”

“You think quoting Robert Frost is a satisfactory answer?” Jordan shook his head. “Be honest with me.”

Raina stopped swaying to the music and looked at him seriously. “Okay, you want to hear the truth? The truth is, I met a man who threw kindness my way, flowers, late night phone calls, the works. Within three months I moved in with him, much to the angst of my family. It didn’t dawn on me that he never took me anywhere, never invited his family or friends to our apartment, until I had invested so much time and effort in the relationship, I felt I shouldn’t leave him. He treated me like crap, insulted me, nothing I said or did met his approval. I became a chicken-shit, afraid of him, afraid of my freaking shadow, for god’s sake. I felt like such an idiot, because I didn’t even realize what I had become. Everyone noticed but me.”

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33 thoughts on “#Secret Cravings Publishing Blog Hop

  1. I have some really good friends,so I would do about anything I could to help them because they are always there for me.

  2. LaTanya Lawson (chynarey)

    I would be there to listen and that shoulder to cry on if need be. I’ll be their personal pep squad / cheering section. Try to encourage them in any positive way can.

    caiidynsmommie at gmail dot com

  3. The last time a friend of mine needed emotional support, we took an hour’s drive for some Retail Therapy (which included a stop at the bookstore) and dinner, then after driving back, went to karaoke and sang some angry songs:) She spent most of the two hour drive talking, and I offered a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and finally, some good insights and advice when she asked for it.

  4. Ack! Here’s my email addy: storimom2@aol.com

    Your book is definitely going on my TBB list!!!

  5. msspencerauthor

    I sure hope this has a happy ending–Raina and Jordan sure deserve it. Thanks for sharing. M. S.

  6. i do so agree with debbie about my friends


  7. I already read He’s So Into You (kinda had to, I edited it <3) But wanted to wish you a good hop and tell everyone it's a GREAT story!

  8. Cindy Mucha Barton

    As long as it is legal – I would do anything to help my friends. There are very few people I call my friend so those that are would also do anything for me. Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. Just being there to listen and lean on I think is always a good way to help

  10. Hi Roxy,
    I like this excerpt. Many women allow themselves to be controlled by boyfriends. Thanks for addressing this, 🙂 The woman is always the last to get a clue. How sad. But I know this story will have a happy ending. TY

  11. Catherine

    LOL…For some reason I seem to be a magnet for people who need to get over a situation. I seem to attract needy people. I tell my hubby that it’s my counseling background. i just naturally shift into counselor mode and talk people through their situation.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  12. Wanda Dixon

    I am most of my friends go to girl. They all say they love to vent with me, because I take the time to listen and not judge them. My husband and kids are always saying mom what is it about you and your friends and strangers as well that we may encounter. People will stop and talk to me in the middle of a grocery store talking about their problems. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Eva P.

    By always being there for them, listening and giving my opinions, sometimes even when they are not wanted 🙂

  14. I am not always great with tears and emotional stuff so I resort to humor. I generally do everything I can to make them laugh to bring them out of a funk.


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