Book Spotlight – A Woman Scorned – T.P. Miller


Zena is pissed off and done with love when she finds out her boyfriend, Malik is cheating on her. She’s heartbroken….until the maintenance man makes his rounds.


I looked at the clock that sat on the side of my bed. It was almost three in the morning and Malik wasn’t back yet. I was done. His cheating ass could stay under the ho he just climbed from under. My fingers clenched together into fists as I imagined taking them and punching him in the face. Oh well. That’s what you get.
I watched the lights of the Vegas strip illuminate the rest of the city as I lay stretched across the bed. My curves were barely covered in the black bra and panty set that I’d stripped down to. It was still 89 degrees outside and the air conditioning was out again. I would deal with that later. The heat had me boiling hot in more ways than one.
Malik had until 3:30 to get his tired ass in this house before he found his shit spread in front of 66 Purgatory Blvd. I didn’t care. I watched the clock face change and the bead of water slowly descend the glass of ice water that I’d gotten. Forgive me. My name is Zena Hudson. I’m twenty-six and I’ve been in Vegas for six years now. I came to Vegas to find my chance at dancing. I ended up becoming a bartender at the Luxor casino. That’s where I met Malik. That’s where I’ve been for our two year relationship.
Just as I was about to grab his shit, I heard the front door open. The bedroom door was next and the man that I thought I loved stood in the doorway.
“Baby, what are you doing?”
“I’m packing your shit.” I say as I grab another duffle bag and start tossing underwear in.
“Why? Baby, what’s wrong?” He tried to walk up to me and grab me but I moved away.
“Since you want to stay out with nasty ass hos all night, you can stay with them bitches. Get the hell outta my house.”
He did the exact opposite. He took the bag I was holding and walked over to the bed, putting the bag by the bed.
“I haven’t been cheating on you.”
“Really? Then where have you been since,” I looked at the clock, “3:28 in the morning?”
“I was hanging with the guys.” He sat back a little and looked at me.
“I’m not stupid, Malik!” I could feel my nails dig into my palms as I yelled. “I’m not some stupid chick that just met you. Your ass has been out with some cheap trick.” I turned back to the bag and started throwing stuff back in. “And you want to come in here and act like the shit is all cool. Nah, it ain’t gonna happen.”
“Zena, I’m…I…” he stuttered. That’s how I knew his trifling ass was guilty.
I looked over my shoulder at him. “Was she any good?”
“Zena, baby. Come on. You know I-“
“Was she any good,Malik?” I yelled.
I was a big girl. I could take it if the tramp was better. Even though I knew that she wasn’t. Malik grew silent, making me turn around.
“Well? You gonna sit and look stupid or are you gonna answer? I ain’t got all night?” I threw the bag at him as hard as I could. It hit him in the shoulder and fell to the floor.
“No. No, she wasn’t better.”
I slapped him. I slapped him as hard as I could and it felt good.
He grabbed his cheek where his chestnut colored skin was reddening from my hit. I didn’t care. All I saw was red. His six foot body towered over my five eight frame but I pushed him on the bed as hard as I could. He looked at me like I was crazy. He didn’t know how to react or if he should worried that I was going to kill him. Good.
“Since you want to stick your shit in every bitch you see, I’mma show you want you’re going to be missing when I put your ass out.” I sat on top of him, still watching him in the glow of the neon light. Neither of us said a word. Just when I thought that enough time had gone by, I slapped his other cheek. It wasn’t as hard as the first one, but it got the reaction I wanted.
“Zena, you gon’ stop slappin’—“ He stopped because I slapped the shit out of him again.
“Shut up.” I started taking off the wife beater that he wore. I laughed at the irony that I was the one beating his ass right now. I tossed the sweat soaked fabric to the floor. I had to admit. Malik always made me hot and nothing changed even though I was pissed.
“So, who was she?” I asked as I pulled at the buckle of his belt.
“Come on, Zena. Don’t do this.” He said as I pushed him back on the bed.
“I asked you a question.” I said as I continued working on his belt. As much as I hated him right now, I needed him. One more time I needed to get him out of my system. I let go of his belt and leaned over him. My face was inches from his cause I wanted him to look me in the eye. When he didn’t say anything I started to kiss him on the neck, something I knew would melt him. My lips on the sensitive skin of his neck and come out that sounded something between a grunt and a moan. The harder I sucked, the louder he seemed to get. He better enjoy what he got ‘cause he would never get this from me again. I pulled away from his neck and placed my lips on his. He brought his arms around me to hold me but I knocked them away. Tonight he’d lost all rights to this body of mine. Tonight I would torture him with what he couldn’t claim and kick him out when I was done.

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