Book Spotlight – For Love and Vengeance (Kingdom) Book 2 – Theresa L. Henry


The world just became a dangerous place for the men who thought to rip Aviva and Jason apart. She has been kidnapped, and Jason intends to do whatever it takes to get her back, losing his angel is not an option.
Taken and humiliated at the hands of unknown assailants, Aviva’s only thoughts are survival and a way to triumph over her ordeal.
Jason and his brothers are on a race against time to take back what is theirs. Their investigation takes them across the Atlantic to London, where the brothers are prepared to use every tool in their arsenal to see matters through to its inevitable conclusion.
The fight was brought to Jason, and he intends to finish it in ways his enemies never imagined…Kingdom style.


Dinner was turning out to be a lively affair despite the tension that poured off MacKenzie and Jake. They simply ignored each other. All three of the other men had, at some point, risen an eyebrow at her as though she should tell them what was going on. Her shrug had been the only answer she had to offer.
As amusing as she found the situation between Jake and MacKenzie, there was an undertone of something else floating around the room. Every now and then, she was sure she caught a conspiratorial look passing between the men. They were up to something. She knew better than to ask outright, so she joined in their dinner time banter and waited.
“Jason, I was thinking, seeing as how the lovely MacKenzie is here with the equally delectable, Aviva, I think it’s past time for a bit of brotherly bonding.” Josh smiled at his brother.
“What a good idea!” Jake piped in, way too enthusiastically for someone who had been so surly only moments before.
“Oh, I am glad you think so, Jake,” Josh said, his speech stilted.
“Yes, I do think it is a very good idea. What do you think, Jason?” Jake replied, keeping up the unnatural sounding conversation.
Jason bowed his head in shame. They had to be shitting him. Couldn’t they hear themselves? They sounded as though they were reciting lines from a Z-rated movie.
Aviva had similar thoughts but at the same time, she was also very interested in how Jason would respond.
“Ah…umm, yes, Jacob and Joshua, that indeed sounds like a very good idea. Umm…something I would be very interested in doing with you both.” Jason closed his eyes as the words left his mouth. He knew he sounded lame. His words hadn’t sounded so wooden in his head.
Aviva and MacKenzie grabbed onto each other’s hand under the table and squeezed – hard. That was the only way they could withhold laughter.
Ducking her head, Aviva whispered to MacKenzie. “Don’t put your sons on the stage, Mr. Kingdom, they suck!”
Jackson was embarrassed for them all, unable to understand how such bright men could make such a complete hash of something so simple. It was time for him to intervene before the women succumbed to hysterical laughter.
“My dear, Aviva, what my inept sons are trying to say is that they have decided to go out together for the evening. We all thought this would be the perfect opportunity as MacKenzie would be here to keep your company. You don’t mind, do you, my dear?”
Oh my God, Aviva thought, he’s in on it too. “Of course, it’s okay. MacKenzie and I have loads of catching up to do.” Aviva gave her friend’s hand a squeeze and MacKenzie went into action.

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