#‎MSSWeek11‬ My Sexy Saturday – He’s So Into You (Healing Hearts) – Part 4

Oh, time surely flies! It’s hard to believe it’s week 11 of My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop. It’s that time again when I get the chance to share with you my definition of the term sexy. Already, I’ve given you three definitions, but in case you don’t remember, just check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

So what’s my fourth definition of the term sexy? Well, it’s simply this: when a woman is not afraid, or ashamed about dominating the proceedings which take place between her and her man in the bedroom. A woman who has no qualms about taking control. Now, that’s sexy!

In the following 7 paragraphs of my debut novella, He’s So Into You, Raina does just that. She’s not afraid to let Jordan know what she wants. And it’s him. In bed. Right now. Isn’t that sexy?

My Sexy Excerpt:

Jordan snatched the menu from off the bedside table. “Let’s try room service.”
Raina turned to Jordan, a mischievous smile on her lips. “Can we do that a little later?” She ran her fingers lightly across his torso. “I’m hungry for something else right now.” She leaned over and tickled his ear with her tongue, sliding her hand further south.
“Now, who am I to refuse such a request?” Jordan groaned when she found the sensitive hollow between his neck and shoulder blade.
Damn, she’s so hot.
Raina worked her way down his muscular torso until she reached her intended target, his hard cock. She bathed the mushroom tip with her tongue and slurped up the pre-cum which started to seep out of his slit. Much to his delight she took him deep in her mouth, so deep, he almost purred when he felt his dick hit the back of her throat. Without being cocky, and he swore no pun was intended, he acknowledged his width and length were impressive, but damn if Raina wasn’t determined to get the job done, and done right. “Fuck…baby,” he groaned. “I like what you’re doing to my cock. Don’t stop.” Jordan continued to urge her on, thrusting his pelvis even further so she could get more of him inside her mouth. Raina didn’t seem to mind one bit, because she just kept on working his cock, one plunge at a time.
Her every touch caused a firestorm. It was un-fucking-believable, she had him so worked up, so aroused, he wasn’t sure he would be able to hold on much longer. Jordan ground his teeth, his self-control slipping, one suck at a time. “You’ve got to stop, Raina, or this will end before it even gets started.” Raina continued to brand his cock with her hot tongue. Jordan couldn’t help himself, he gripped her locks and yanked her toward him. “If you don’t stop now it will end pretty quickly,” he warned.
Her wicked gleam almost did him in. “You’re telling me this because…”

Would you like a sexy read this weekend? Then you may purchase He’s So Into You.

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4 thoughts on “#‎MSSWeek11‬ My Sexy Saturday – He’s So Into You (Healing Hearts) – Part 4

  1. What a nice snippet, Roxy…makes me wonder what’s next.

    Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday. See you next week!

  2. Wow…yum…definitely hot!

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