Cover Reveal – A Writer’s Proposal (Writer’s Love series) Book 2 – Robert Wacaster

Robert and Katie have decided they are in love and plan to get married. Robert has promised to propose, but hasn’t actually done so yet. Robert, Katie, and Katie’s sister Jill all plan a trip to Florida so Robert can meet their parents and Katie’s mostly disapproving father. Will Robert somehow find acceptance with Katie’s parents?


After driving all through the day, the sun was just passing the horizon as the tired group pulled in to a small two story house in Tampa, Florida. All three of them, Robert, Katie and Jill, were exhausted from the day’s ride. As they pulled in to the small driveway, an older man and woman came out of the house and stood waiting near the front door.

Katie climbed out of the car and helped Robert out of the back seat. She then took his hand and walked quickly up to her parents. As she neared the house’s porch, she let go of Robert’s hand and ran to hug her father. Katie hugged him tightly, and then hugged her mother. Jill hugged them both too. Katie then turned around and grabbed Robert’s hand again and led him up towards her parents.
“Mom, dad, this is Robert.”
Robert held out his hand politely and Katie’s mother shook it warmly. “Robert, we’ve heard so much about you. It’s so nice to finally meet you in person. Welcome.”
After a few seconds of staring at Robert, Katie’s father finally reached out and shook his hand too.
“Well, let’s go inside. We can get the luggage in a bit. We can get you all settled in first.” her father said quietly. He led them all into the house and sat himself down in a chair in the living room. He gestured for Katie and Robert to sit on a nearby couch. As they sat down, Katie squeezed Robert’s hand tightly. Jill and Katie’s mother sat nearby in a couple of other chairs.
“So…you’re the guy who thinks he’s going to marry my daughter?” Katie’s father asked.
“Jim! That’s no way to welcome our guest!” Katie’s mother growled. “We’ve talked about this!”
“Em…I know we talked, but you know how I feel about this. I need to know what makes the boy tick.”
“Don’t you dare alienate him!”
“Well…” Robert started.
“Yes, we’ve decided we’re going to get married, daddy. I told you that.” Katie said quietly.
“And you’re some kind of writer who thinks he can support my daughter, correct?”
“He’s a best selling author, daddy. Of course he can support me. Could you support mom when you first got married?”
“Of course I could. Katie, marriage is a huge step in life. I just want to make sure you’re doing the right thing for the right reasons.”
Robert glanced at Katie. “Katie…”
“And how long have you two been going out?”
“Daddy, we’ve been together a little over a month, if you must know. And Robert says that…”
“Can Robert answer for himself?” Jim shouted, aggravation in his voice.
“Jim, stop this!” Katie’s mother Emily stood up from her seat.
Robert looked from Katie to Emily. “No, let him ask me what he wants to know. He’s concerned about who his daughter wants to spend her life with and has a right to know about me. Let him ask me whatever he wants, and I’ll give him honest answers.”
“He wants to make you out to be a bad guy!” Katie said, turning towards Robert. “He’s always so…over protective. I’m a grown woman now!”
Jim looked at his daughter and sighed. “Katherine, you, Jill, and your mother go upstairs and get settled in.”
“Come on Robert.” Katie said getting up. She tried to pull Robert up, but he stayed seated.
“I need to stay here.” Robert answered, looking at both Katie and her mother. “You girls go ahead, I’ll be fine.”
Katie reached out and touched Robert’s cheek gently. Robert nodded at her, and as she passed her father, Katie whispered, “Please be nice to him.”
Emily also walked past Jim and leaned down towards him. “If I hear any yelling from up there, God help you!”

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