Book Spotlight – A Writer’s Love Story (Writer’s Love series) Book 1 – Robert Wacaster


Katie Benson has never been good with men. And after finding out that her current boyfriend is actually married and has kids, she is devastated. But the devastation doesn’t last long as a man named Robert walks into her life. He’s a handsome, best selling author and sweeps Katie off her feet. Falling in love over a weekend, Robert soon has to leave Katie to travel to Hollywood, California to consult on casting for a movie being made from his first book. Can Robert and Katie survive a long distance relationship? Or will this be just another Writer’s Love Story?


Robert met his driver, but before heading to pick up Katie, he had the driver stop at a florist. Robert purchased a large bouquet of carnations with two yellow roses. He could feel his heart beating the entire drive. No one, to Robert’s recollection, had ever made him this nervous.
After a fairly long ride, the driver stopped in front of a small house. “Here we are, sir, this is the address you gave me.”
As Robert got out of the car, he could feel his knees shaking. He couldn’t remember ever being this nervous. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. A brown-haired girl with a very nasty look on her face opened the door.
“Uh hi…I’m here to see Katie,” Robert said shakily.
The girl looked him up and down. “Are you now? Thought you’d bring her flowers and make things all better? Well, it’s not going to work, piss off!” The woman then slammed the door.
Robert was stunned. He turned and looked back at the driver, who was leaning on the hood of the car pretending not to watch. He reached over and rang the doorbell again. Once again, the nasty girl opened the door.
“I thought I told you to piss off?” she screamed. “Did you think you could just screw her while you were married? Is she some little toy to you? Who do you think you are?”
“Um…I think you might have me confused…” Robert began nervously.
“No, you’re the one that’s confused!” the woman yelled. She grabbed the flowers from Robert’s hand and began to hit him with them. Robert tried to shield his head and ran off the porch. The girl chased him across the lawn, scattering the flowers everywhere.
“If you come near this house ever again, I’m calling the police!” The girl screamed as she ran back inside and slammed the door.
Robert walked back to the car and leaned against the hood next to the driver.
“Is that your date?” the driver asked, laughing. “She seems really charming.”
Robert gave him a dirty look and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Katie’s cell phone number.
“Hello?” Katie answered brightly.
“Uh…hi Katie, it’s Robert. Are you mad at me for some reason?”
“Mad at you? No, why would you think that?”
“Well, I think I’m at the right address, but…”
“Okay…is something wrong?”
“I just rang your doorbell and some crazy lady answered and beat me off your porch with the flowers I brought for you.”
“You just…oh my God, that was you? Oh Robert, I am so, so sorry! That was my sister. She said it was my ex boyfriend! Please don’t be mad!”
“Oh it’s no problem. But can you just come out when you’re ready to go? I think I should probably just wait out here for you.”
“You don’t want to come inside? I promise she’ll behave this time! She didn’t know who you were! I’ll open the door myself. I’ll be there in just a minute.”
“Okay,” Robert said hesitantly. He still leaned against the car and after a few seconds saw Katie open the door smiling. He hung up his cell phone and pushed himself away from the car. Robert walked across the lawn toward the house, glancing at the flowers scattered on the lawn.
As he got to the door, Katie reached out and gave him a gentle hug. Then, she took him by the hand and led him inside. The nasty girl was sitting on a couch in the living room, scowling at him.
“Robert, this is my little sister, Jill. Jill, this is Robert! He’s an author from B and W and asked me to dinner. It’s not Stewart.”
Robert raised a hand, “Hi, Jill.”
Jill’s expression changed from anger to surprise. “You’re not…you’re…this isn’t the married guy?”
“No, his name is Robert. I’m sorry, I should have told you I had a date tonight.”
“You aren’t…and I…oh my God, the language I used! I am so sorry! I thought, I mean Katie had told me that…I really am so sorry!” Jill covered her mouth with a hand, looking extremely embarrassed.
“Uh…no problem.” Robert replied quietly. “So…you’re her little sister?”
“Katie’s very embarrassed little sister, yes. I really am sorry, Mr.….?”
“Wacaster. Robert Wacaster. Please, call me Robert, though.” Robert stepped up near the couch and held out his hand towards Jill.
Jill politely shook his hand. “Robert. Very nice to meet you. Uh…I think I should probably go to my room now. Again, I’m really sorry about earlier at the door. I thought you were someone else.”
Robert tried to hide his smile. “Very nice to meet you, too. And don’t worry about earlier. Things happen.”
Jill got up from the couch and quickly walked out of the room.

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  1. Robert Wacaster

    Thanks, Roxy! Very much appreciated!

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