Bought, Branded and Bound by Lynn Richards

Author Lynn Richards is my guest today. I bet you’re going to surprise to find out who Lynn Richards really is. What’s more, you’ll find out about Lynn’s latest release.

I’m delighted to have you here. Let’s start by telling us, who is Lynn Richards, and why did you decide to write?

Lynn Richards is a writing team of two best friends. We went to high school together and roomed together in college until one of use got married and left the other all alone. Fast forward five years and it’s best friends all over again (note: you never really lose your best friend!)

As anyone who writes will understand, there comes a point when you just have to write. We started way back when, had failures, some success and life happened in between. Last year we decided we had nothing to lose and everything to gain so we dusted off the laptop and started writing…again.

Give us some insight into the dynamics of writing a story as a team.

Writing as a team is a lot more fun than writing by yourself. Even though a writer can have critique groups and beta readers, there’s nothing like turning over a story and saying – you fix it! And it’s fixed exactly as you wanted it. Sometimes we share a story, sending it back and forth every day or every week. Other times we do as we said above- write as much as we can then hand it over the other. Best part is that you have a whole new story to read in the end.

Do you write full-time?

Unfortunately not. One of use works as a legal secretary (in our small town there are not such things as paralegals!) and the other as an admin assistant in higher ed.

How do you balance family life with your writing?

It’s difficult. And frustrating. Demands are usually made just when the characters are about to open up and speak to you. Neither of us have small children so it’s not a difficult to say I’ll be within in a minute – and then ignore them for another twenty!

What’s the funniest/best/worst pick up line ever used on you?

Mmm, it’s been so long, maybe we need to go and see…

Tell us something interesting about you not many people may know.

When we were still in college, we thought about moving to California to write for television. This may not sound like a big adventure for some, but we come from a small town where almost no one leaves. And we write contemporary romances under our real names.

In ten words or less, tell us how you would describe yourself.

Spilt personality since there are two of us? Loyal, creative, stubborn (oops, determined)

Who would play you in the movie about your life and why?

Who cares, we just want to help with casting our love interest!

If you could date any character from any book you’ve written, who would it be? Why?

Since there are two of us, can we pick two? They would be Jake Anderson from Beauty and the Wolf and Logan Quinn from Bought, Branded and Bound. And why? You need to read the books to find out why.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Is chocolate a guilty pleasure anymore? We know it’s strange to say, but reading erotica is still a guilty pleasure even though we write it!

Give us a brief overview of your previous works.

We’ve written fourteen books to date, most novella length. They almost always feature a curvy girl and always, always feature an alpha male. We have two paranormals and the rest or contemporary. Some have stronger elements of BDSM than others, some not at all.

What’s your favorite book or series you’ve written?

Bought, Branded and Bound – not just because it’s our latest, but because it is our longest. You see growth within the characters and, of course, there’s a lot more sex!

Have you ever based your characters on real people?

Sigh, if only…

What do you want your readers to gain from reading one of your books?

A sense of self and self-worth. That fairy tale feeling that there is a person out there meant just for you. You might not be the prettiest flower in the garden, but to him, it doesn’t matter.

Do you listen to music while you write? Are there any other rituals you do?

No music since we rarely get to write when we’re by ourselves. Our ritual consists of grabbing our laptops and trying to find a quiet (or noisy) corner where everyone will leave us alone to write. And trying not to be too bitchy when they don’t.

Which author would you consider your greatest influence? Why?

We’ve always loved Diana Palmer and Linda Howard. When we started writing erotica, books by Christin Lovell, J.S. Scott and Christa Wick were the first we ever read.

Tell us about your latest book.

Bought, Branded, and Bound is the story of a woman, Macy Trent, who has been in love with her boss forever but knows he would never look at her “that way.” Not only is he looking at her that way, but he’s willing to blackmail her so he can do more than just look. The hero is Logan Quinn, a man who has a wide and varied sexual appetite. He embraced the dom/sub lifestyle in order to get the control he craves. Of course, Macy makes him lose control and he makes her submit for her own pleasure.

What can readers expect from you next? When?

Our next book will be a paranormal, the start of a shifter series of four books. Most will feature curvy girls, but we can’t always guarantee who our wolves will fall in love with. We hope to have this out in August, but whenever we try to give a release date it always bites us in the butt! We also hope to have the novella sequel to Leader of the Pack out in July.

Now on to Bought, Branded and Bound


Macy Trent was a chubby girl but that didn’t mean she obeyed anybody’s rules but her own. That is, until her drop-dead gorgeous boss blackmailed her into submitting to his will. She agrees to spend the weekend with Logan and obey his every command.

Twenty four hours later…Oh my God what have I done?

That’s Macy first thought upon waking and finding herself in Logan Quinn’s bed. As memories of the night before – and her wanton behavior – come flooding back, Macy realizes last night wasn’t her biggest regret, it was falling in love with her drop dead gorgeous boss.

Logan’s curvy assistant is sarcastic, willful, and deliberately disobedient and he’s had enough of her attitude. He knows the only way to get her out of his system is to make her submit. He also knows being a Dom is all about maintaining control. So why does his curvy secretary make him want to break his every rule?

Come join Logan and Macy on their incredibly erotic journey and find out what happens when a good little submissive makes her dominant lose control…

WARNING: For mature audiences only – contains elements of discipline, submission, dominance, hot sex and . . . romance


“Again, Macy, why are you being punished?”
Macy was sitting on the end of the bed like a good submissive when Logan entered the bedroom almost an hour later. Luckily he hadn’t finished sooner. She’d taken a quick shower before donning one of his dress shirts and even answered a text from her sister.
“Because I put two sugars in your coffee instead of three.”
“Did you do that deliberately, Miss Trent? You have made coffee for me almost every day since you’ve been in my employ. And you have put one cube of sugar in my coffee each time. Why forget today?”
He stood there, watching her, his eyes flashing with fire. She didn’t know if it was anger or desire. She hoped it was desire.
“Do you know why I think you forgot, Miss Trent?”
She shook her head, unable to speak.
“I think you want to be punished. You want to feel the heat of my hand on your backside. You want to see how much you can tolerate before using your safe word, don’t you, Macy?”
He stepped back and pulled the t-shirt over his head. Next he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his pajamas and let them slide to the floor. He wore no socks or shoes. Or underwear.
He walked over to the sitting area and placed one of the high-backed chairs in front of the mirrored closets. Taking a seat he motioned her over. “Come, stand in front of me the way you did last night.”
Macy complied, stepping in front of the chair with her back to him. She could feel her blood thrumming through her body. Even though she couldn’t comprehend the satisfaction to be had from spanking—yet—she was excited. Aroused at the thought of having Logan’s hands on her again.
Would she ever get enough of this man?
He reached out, his hands going under the tail of her shirt to trace the shape of her ass. His hands were warm, his touch firm as he stroked her soft flesh, making her tremble.
“Do you like that, Macy?”
Her breathing hitched. His touch was like a narcotic. One simple stroke and she’d do anything to have more. “Yes.”
“Unbutton my shirt.”
As soon as she’d undone the last button, he was tugging her down across his lap, her torso resting on the large curved arm of the chair. The fingers of one hand threaded through her hair, pulling the errant strands away from her face. Suddenly, she could see them in the mirror. He was watching her. Gauging her reaction.
“I want you to watch me spank you, Miss Trent,” he murmured. This was it. The thought both frightened and aroused her.
Macy watched his face, the brooding, hungry look—like a starving man offered a feast, yet afraid it was going to be snatched away before he got a taste. Fascinated by his expression as he stared raptly at her plump cheeks, she missed the rise of his hand.

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Author Bio:

Lynn Richards is actually the pseudonym chosen by two best friends who started writing together back when they were both young and idealistic. Though no longer exactly young, we’re still best friends and still pretty idealistic. We enjoy reading (and writing) romances ranging from sweet and pure, to spicy hot and erotic. We love hearing from our readers. Please E-mail us at and let us know what kind of reads you like and what you’d like to see from Lynn Richards in the future. And thanks for taking time to read Lynn Richards’ romances!

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