Meet Author Don Abdul

Guess why I’m exceptionally happy! If you figured out that it’s because I’m about to interview my first male guest, then you’re absolutely correct. Author Don Abdul is visiting today. He’ll tell us about his latest release Checkmate, as well as his idea of the perfect date, and what he loves in a woman. And, oh, you’ll get the link to download one of Don’s free eBooks right here. Wow! Isn’t that amazing!

Don, it’s a pleasure and privilege to have you here today. Tell us a little about yourself.

Thank you very much Roxy, it’s great to be here.

I am Don Abdul, a 43 year-old man of many interesting parts. I was born and raised in a small town in Nigeria, where the townsfolk would probably crucify me for daring to write erotica as I now do (Laughs). I also enjoy being a dad.

What is your passion?

Writing is my passion, particularly writing erotic fiction.

What do you do to just kick back and have some fun?

For relaxation I have a few things that I like to do. When the weather is right I like to go to the beach where I find that perfect spot and get very cozy with a good book, in between enjoying the other pleasures of the cool sea breeze and other sights and sounds.
I also enjoy good movies.

What is the funniest/weirdest pick-up line you’ve ever used on a lady?

“Hi, remember me? We met last night…. in my dream.” LOL

What is your idea of the perfect date?

Romantic candle lit dinner and a scary movie afterwards… *Laughs*
Seriously, that would be a romantic picnic by the lake.

Finish this sentence: I love a woman who …

I love a woman who is not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside too. She is smart, pretty and endowed with sexy curves.*Winks*

How did you become a writer?

I’m not sure I could tell you why I started writing for sure, but I can say this, my life didn’t feel complete without it. I simply had a basic instinct to write, and I soon discovered that it helped me make sense of the world around me. May I also add that I hated having to read badly written stories, so I decided to write some good ones of my own.

Which genre do you write?

I write Erotic fiction.

What do your significant others think about the stories you write?

Over the years, they have remained fans of my writing and find the stories quite stimulating.

Do you have a book girlfriend?

Yes I do. Her name is Nimah Washington, and she is the heroine from my book A Reluctant Slave.

Tell us about your latest release.

My current book is titled Checkmate. This book is incidentally the very first of my work to be published by Horny Devil Publishing.

All of my stories are inspired by the wishes, aspirations and secret fantasies that form the interesting back stories in the lives of my characters regardless of their public persona. The inspiration for Checkmate is consistent with this idea. It exposes the unspoken racial tension in the social dynamics supposedly racially liberal workplace and the delicate balances that had to be maintained in order not to upset the applecart.

Please, share some juicy details about your book.

The characters are respectable socialites, and senior corporation employees whose public personae appear above reproach until their desire for power and control begin to unfold as they engage one another in mind games. The battle of wits that ensure exposes their secret fantasies and sexual proclivities begin to unfold.

Ambition, rivalry, revenge, lust and other human follies feature in the intricately spun yarn that is the story Checkmate. It end on a happy note as love triumphed over oppression. And the young interracial couple got a damn good shot at ever after.

I hope you enjoy meeting the characters.

Is there anyone you give credit to for helping you write this book?

Really, the credit goes to my teeming readers and fans whose desire for the stories that I write continues to fuel my passion to bring hotter stories and more colorful characters to life in my books.

The team at HDP also deserve some credit, they were great and did fantastic job of putting it all together in the best possible way.

What has the experience of writing this book taught you?

It has taught me the value of patience and determination as key ingredients to a successful book project.

What can readers expect from you next? When?

Readers should be on the lookout for my next book titled Forced to Submit. The manuscript is in the process of being published by Horny Devil Publishing at the moment, and it should be available in the next month or so. Details shall be made available in my blog and Facebook page.

Now onto your latest release Checkmate.


Handsome black employee, Stanford Jordan, is seduced by Peggy, the daughter of the firm’s white conservative Senior Executive, Constance Munroe. When their raunchy encounter is caught on tape, Peggy’s devious stepmother turns to blackmail.

With no choice, Stan submits to her brutal domination. Humiliated, he enlists the help of ‘Fix,’ a childhood friend, in exacting the perfect revenge. Will the ruthless Domme concede when she suddenly finds herself at the mercy of the man she had so wickedly abused? Will Peggy discover their secret? Will Stan have to declare Checkmate and lose it all?

Links to where Checkmate can be purchased:


Barnes and Noble:



Here’s the link to Don’s free eBook, A Hero’s Due. Enjoy!

Author Bio:

Don Abdul is a forty-something year old writer and author of erotic fiction. He discovered the escape offered by creative writing from an early age. His journey as an author of erotic fiction began with a passion for writing erotic poetry and then spicy short stories.

His choice of erotic fiction was informed by the freedom it affords to push the envelope, break taboos, and explore issues of sex and sexuality in ways his teeming readers can relate to. Some of his other works of erotic fiction have been published under my Nom de plume, Tyrese Jordan.

Follow Don:

on his blog –

on Facebook –

on Twitter –!/DonAbdul2

Again, it was a pleasure having you here today.

Thanks, Roxy, for a wonderful interview.

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