Captured by the Bodyguard by Dez Burke

Today I’m pleased to welcome Dez Burke to my blog. She’ll tell us a little about herself and her latest book, Captured by the Bodyguard. I must admit Captivated by the Soldier was her first book I read and since then I’ve read four more. I love her alpha heroes, but I’m convinced Cane Hutchinson is the hottest of them all.

Can you tell us how you decided to become an author?

Hi Roxy! Thank you so much for having me. I don’t know exactly when I decided to become an author, but started writing fiction as a young teen. My Mama worked long hours so I spent my summers at my Grandmother’s house. She loved to read Harlequin romances and even as a young girl I noticed the characters were always white. So, I would sneak off and write my own stories. Not quite the same as the ones I publish now though! My Grandma wouldn’t have been very happy with the steamy scenes.

How are you able to balance your family life with your writing?

It’s always a struggle! First and foremost I’m a Mother and a Daughter so my family comes first. If they need me, I put the writing aside for the moment. I’m not the best at setting boundaries so there are days when I seem to not find a single moment to write.

What do you do to kick back and have some fun?

My teenager daughter and I love to go to Walt Disney World. We try to go every couple of years and Magic Kingdom is still our favorite. We have it down to a science and can hit every ride by noon even at the park’s busiest times.

Is there anything your fans would be surprised to know about you?

They probably would be surprised to find out I’m a hummingbird nut! In the summer and fall, I hang at least 40 hummingbird feeders that have to be switched out with new ones every day or so. In September and October there are hundreds of hummingbirds in my yard and the numbers increase every year. I absolutely love them for the joy they bring!

You’ve written six books for the year, so far. How many more could we expect from you in 2013?

Hopefully at least four.

Positive reviews vs. Negative reviews – How do you react when you receive them?

I’m not going to lie. Reviews are a killer! Any writer who says bad reviews don’t bother them are either lying or don’t care about their readers. Bad reviews hurt, not only your feelings but also sales. I read every single review for my books, usually several times. Reviews are subjective to personal taste so I try to take that into account. Usually my negative reviews concern sex-there’s either too much or not enough! As for me, I would never in a million years leave a negative review for any book. The way I see it, it’s bad karma and if an author poured their hard work into the story then I’m not going to criticize them.

Describe your typical writing day.

Ha! Ha! You probably don’t want to know. My daily life is chaos with a teenage daughter and pets so there’s never a typical writing day. I’m not one of those writers who can sit down at a computer and force themselves to write for thirty minutes. My stories come to me in visual scenes so my best “writing” is done right before I go to sleep at night or in the car. Once I have a scene in my head then I grab a few minutes here and there to sit down and write it.

What challenges have you encountered/overcome as a writer so far?

Finding time alone to write is the most difficult challenge for me.

Two marines, a soldier, a body guard, and a football player are heroes in your books. Why did you choose them and what kind of hero should we expect in your next release?

All of my books contain strong, sexy alpha males. That’s the kind of man I’m personally attracted to so that’s what I like to write about. I can guarantee you’ll never find a metrosexual man with pedicures and scarves in my books! As for the next book, I haven’t decided yet. I would really like to include a cowboy/rancher type if I can only come up with a plot.

Which of your heroines is most like you?

Definitely Jada in Jamaica Nights. She’s carrying a few extra pounds and feels insecure about her body, especially nude. Jada is basically me.

Here’s an opportunity to tell us in a few words your favorite:
Author: I love so many different styles of writing and could never choose one favorite.

Actor: Bradley Cooper is sexy and cute.

Actress: Kerry Washington because I’m completely hooked on Scandal.

Band/singer: Bruno Mars

Movie/TV Show: Scandal

Season: Spring in the South

Celebration/festival: Christmas with my family.

Drink: Pina Colada in a fresh coconut, preferably on a Caribbean island

Food: Shrimp and grits, my Mama’s Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecans on top and Coconut Cake

Quote: My favourite quote is one I heard often from my Grandmother in regards to men. “Don’t start what you don’t plan to keep up!” She was so right about that.

Animal/pet: Hummingbirds

Would you like to share some juicy details about your latest release Captured by the Bodyguard?

This might be considered a spoiler so don’t read this unless you’ve read the book. In the original draft there was a beautiful baby girl at the end.

Now onto your story, Captured by the Bodyguard.


Cane Hutchinson took one look at heiress Alexandra Duke and knew she’d be big trouble. He was an ex-Marine whose expertise as a bodyguard had him working with high-risk clients all over the world. Babysitting a billionaire’s princess was the last thing he wanted to be doing…

The last thing Alexandra wanted-or needed, was a bodyguard. But her father had worries for her safety after winning an important contract against an unscrupulous business rival. Being stuck with Cane 24/7 was bad enough; now she had to contend with an uncontrollable attraction for her handsome and virile bodyguard who looked like he belonged on the cover of GQ magazine. She was used to keeping people at a distance because of the fortune her father represented-but for how long could she keep her rising feelings for Cane at bay?


Cane stepped out on the balcony his room shared with Alexandra’s, doing some last checks and catching the soft breeze. He found himself looking to the side at Alexandra’s windows – when he noticed her walk into her room and turn on the lights.

Outside was dark so he was sure she couldn’t see him. Cane paused as he realized he had a clear view through the big windows thanks to the open blinds. How many times had he warned her about closing the fucking blinds?

He bit down an angry sigh as she walked into her bathroom and he could hear sounds of her turning on the shower. Then she returned to the bedroom, sat in front of her dressing mirror and was soon taking off her jewelry.

Cane was about to walk back into his room when Alexandra stood, quickly unbuttoned her white jeans and wriggled out of the clinging fabric.

Suddenly, Cane’s brain misted over.

Alexandra was facing the mirror with her back to him which gave him the perfect view of her ass bared by the skimpy white lacy thong. Her fleshy orbs were ripe and smooth, and the most rounded bottom he’d ever seen. She kicked the jeans off her feet carelessly as she tugged her white shirt over her head. He had a glimpse of her incredibly tiny waist and a hint of side boob as she tossed the shirt on a nearby chair.

Fuck and double fuck! Cane knew he should move, walk away from the sight of Alexandra in just her bra and panties as she gathered up her springy curls into a band at the top of her crown. But Cane found himself rooted to the spot. This woman with the sexiest body he’d ever seen was no more than thirty feet away and giving him the most painful hard-on he’d ever had. Shit! She had flawlessly even-toned café au lait skin and the figure of a goddess; ample curves where he liked them yet slender in the middle coupled with long, toned legs he was twitching to place on either side of his head as he…

Something moved in the corner of his eye. Cane’s head snapped around but he could hardly see a thing. He swore under his breath; here he was acting like a rookie by staring into a lit room from his dark position which made it harder for his vision to adjust as he scanned the quiet, dim grounds around him. His mind raced.

Not wasting time to think further, he slammed a fist on the panic button just inside his room. And then he swiftly swung over the partition between their balconies and sped into Alexandra’s bedroom through her balcony entrance. His shoes made his movements silent and the young woman only became aware of him when he gripped her from behind, wrapping an arm around her waist as he swiftly backed her into the bathroom with him.

Links to where Captured by the Bodyguard can be purchased:

On Amazon:

On Barnes and


On Itunes:
All of Dez’s books and audio books can also be purchased from iTunes


Forbidden Love with the Marine
Claimed by the Marine
Captivated by the Soldier
Jamaica Nights
Seduced by the Football Player

Follow Dez:

on Twitter –@dezburke
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on Facebook- Dez Burke

Again, I’m delighted you stopped by.

The pleasure was all mine. Thank you again for inviting me.

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